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San Francisco-based trust litigation lawyer achieves a 192% Increase in qualified leads

About Case

Our team developed a well-rounded marketing strategy to help Barr & Douds emerge as a leading player in the region. We focused on building a strong online presence by creating a high-performance website, designing effective landing pages, implementing targeted SEO, formulating a content strategy, and launching a PPC campaign. Our efforts were aimed at increasing relevant traffic, generating leads, and increasing their market share, which helped solidify their position as a top regional firm.

“Over the lapse of the year, leads have significantly increased thus increasing the amount of work and revenue generated, leading to the expansion of our team. Comrade provided excellent service; they've been on time, remained within budget, and provided a great ROI.”
Loren Barr

Loren Barr / Barr and douds attorneys

A stone fabricator based in Chicago has experienced a 780% surge in qualified leads.

About Case

Granite Selection faced challenges in the highly competitive market and lacked online visibility. In partnership with Comrade, the company revamped its business model, introducing a new website and a digital marketing strategy. This transformation accelerated Granite Selection's growth in the stone fabrication industry in Chicago, resulting in a significant increase in market share, client inquiries, and revenue.

“Working with the Comrade team has been a most pleasant experience! Their dedication and passion for what they do is exemplified by their unrivaled customer support and attentiveness to the specific needs of our business. You did a great job for us and I would recommend you to anyone.”
Paul Batashev

Paul Batashev / Granite Selection

World-renowned LASIK surgeon achieves 375% Increase in leads

About Case

Despite being a bustling practice, Kraff Eye Institute struggled with growing their practice due to ineffective marketing efforts. Seeking top positions amidst rising LASIK competition, they partnered with Comrade. Following an in-depth analysis, Comrade devised a strategic digital marketing plan aimed at elevating the institute's presence to reach new clients.

“Comrade has worked hard to help generate new revenue for our business. Margo is great! She is professional, very easy to work with, and always looking at the bigger picture. The entire comrade team has supplied valuable feedback to help our practice grow.”

James Murray / Kraff Eye Institute

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Your Goals are Our Goals

At Comrade, our top priority is to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. When you work with us, you'll:
  • Get more clients
    Elevate your business by reaching your target audience, converting them into customers through effective SEO strategies, engaging content, precise PPC campaigns, and lead management that yields high-quality leads.

  • Grow your brand
    We offer end-to-end marketing services that allow you to focus on your core business while we manage all your marketing needs. Our comprehensive approach helps your brand gain visibility and influence in your industry.

  • Improve your reputation
    Having a good online reputation is crucial as 90% of people rely on service reviews. We can help you by increasing your reviews, registering in relevant directories, and monitoring your online reputation.

  • Increase revenue
    Our ROI-oriented approach, lead-generating content, and conversion strategies can help your business achieve its goals and increase revenue every year.

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For over a decade, we've helped hundreds of businesses succeed using our expertise in digital marketing solutions that help grow your revenue.

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Empower Your Business With Result-Oriented Web Design

Your online presence is defined by your website. It introduces your brand to the world, exhibits your unique benefits, and inspires visitors to take action. That’s where Comrade comes in. We began as a small website design company and over the last decade, have grown to offer a full range of marketing services, all designed to attract traffic and convert leads into paying customers.

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SEO Services That Put You Ahead of the Competition

Approximately 94% of all organic search traffic is handled by Google, and 80% of online users use search engines to locate products, services, and information. Therefore, the success of online businesses depends heavily on an effective SEO strategy. In the last 15 years, our SEO agency has generated more than $250M in revenue for our clients through different search engine optimization services. Not to mention, we are the first digital marketing company to offer a guarantee on our work.

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Substantially increase your ROI with PPC Services

According to Google, businesses typically earn $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. The returns generated by Comrade clients are even better, yielding $10 for every $1 invested. Our high-performance websites and advertising campaigns work together to deliver unparalleled returns on investment for our clients, increasing their revenue in measurable ways.

Increase your ROI
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Reap the benefits of a marketing team without the building it yourself

Comrade team

Transparency and accountability are important to us. Consequently, we only work with new clients when we have the data to verify our ability to deliver results. Ultimately, every business wants a high level of confidence in their marketing partner, and Comrade can provide that peace of mind.

Dedicated Teams

Among our team are SEO experts, copywriters, editors, and developers, all of whom are truly committed to their craft.

Driven by ROI

If you don’t see concrete results from our services, then we haven't done our job. The data-driven and measurable nature of our process ensures a successful marketing campaign.

330+ clients rely on Comrade Marketing Agency

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Blackhawk Supply
Jo Ann, COO / Blackhawk Supply
Driving consistent yearly growth with their experience and consulting, Comrade Marketing Agency has proven itself to be a dedicated digital marketing company. Internal stakeholders for the client praise Comrade for their attentiveness and preparation. Customers can expect an available partner.
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American Tent
Elizabeth Paulson, CMO / American Tent
The new website has seen an increase in traffic, lead conversion, and sales, meeting the expectations of the internal team. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency is a quick-working and efficient internet marketing company, establishing an effective workflow. The team is professional, driven, and knowledgeable.
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The International Kitchen
Peg Kern, COO / The International Kitchen
Website traffic has increased significantly since the engagement began, along with the ROI and leads generated. The vendor leads a research-backed, thorough approach complemented by well-structured task management. They go above and beyond, doing everything they can to help stakeholders succeed.
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We Answer Your Marketing Questions

  • How does your Digital Marketing Process work

    Research. Strategy. Action. Tracking Growth. All of our digital marketing campaigns follow these steps. Research is the first step in properly assessing our clients’ pain points and growth plans in relation to their current competitive industry landscape.

    Next, we devise a strategy to overcome any potential obstacles to achieving our client’s revenue goals. The third step is to efficiently launch campaigns according to the strategy.

    Accountability is the last step — tracking our performance against key performance indicators and adjusting our plan of action as needed.

  • What industries do you specialize in?

    We are a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in promoting and growing local service providers in the Legal, Home Service/Construction, and Healthcare industries. Although we have helped clients in a wide variety of other industries in the past, our focus remains on delivering real, tangible results to our clients. Before taking on any project or client, we make sure we have a proven plan for success in their specific industry.

  • How much do your services cost?

    It is important to consider many factors when planning a marketing campaign, as every business is unique. Do you prefer to grow your business gradually but steadily or aggressively? Do you plan to include many complicated features on the website, or will it be mostly for the purpose of providing information? Each of these factors affects your overall costs. In general, high-performance websites cost between $10,000 and $40,000. Your current website’s quality and performance will determine the price of digital marketing solutions. Depending on the client, the monthly cost can range from $2,500 to over $10,000. Our marketing budget averages $4,000 per month.

  • How long will it take to see improvements in sales?

    A digital marketing project is an ongoing process and while some services, like PPC, can give you quick results, for a substantive growth you’ll need time. Within 90 days of starting an SEO campaign, we typically see tangible results, accompanied by a steady rise in sales. However, you can begin seeing results from PPC campaigns within a month. It is critical to remember that each of your marketing tactics has a place in your overall strategy, so don’t overlook SEO or content because of their longer ramp-up time. Our team will gladly explain the reasons behind this to you during your consultation.

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Every performance evaluation includes a strategic action plan to drive positive momentum for your organization.

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